How to Maintain your Low-Carb/Low-Fat Diet

Are you trying to limit fat as well as carbs? That’s quite a challenge, but we can help. With the exception of ExpertExtras RealCream dry dairy (heavy) cream, the rest of our products contain no fat, and most can make low-fat and fat-free recipes.

Since the ThickenThin cooking ingredients contain no fat themselves, you control the amount of fat in your dishes by the other ingredients you add. Many of our recipes are fat-free (for example, gravy made with ThickenThin not/Starch thickener is best when fat-free), and for others, use reduced-fat or fat-free dairy products and lean meats or fish.

Many of our Wise CHOice dessert recipes are also either fat-free or can be made with reduced-fat or fat-free ingredients. Wise CHOice Cake-ability Baking Aid recipes can be made with defatted nut meal, but keep in mind that almond, pecan, and walnut fats are considered healthful. In addition, baked goods made from nuts are much more satisfying than the flour-based kind. Our Cheesecake Mix works with any form of cream cheese, including fat-free (but because fat-free cream cheese is mostly water, we recommend adding two or more egg whites). Our basic recipes for Frozen Dessert Mix are completely fat-free (and diary-free). Pudding Mix doesn’t have to be made with any cream at all. It can be made with milk, even skim milk. However, to taste like regular pudding, you have to replace the water as well as the cream with milk.

An easy fat-free frozen dessert can be made from Wise CHOice Mousse Mix, but keep in mind that it isn’t what most people would call mousse. Just whip it with water instead of cream plus a teaspoon of ThickenThin not/Sugar thickener to stiffen it and then freze for an easy fat-free frozen dessert. Add the flavoring after it is whipped and make sure the flavoring is fat fat-free. You can also stretch a limited amount of real mousse with lower-fat ingredients, as in our┬áTriple Chocolate Ice Cream Pie┬árecipe. You can reduce the fat further by nhalving the amount of mousse.

The only product that must be made with fat is our Wise CHOice Fudge Bar Mix. This product requires whipping cream or one of the higher-fat non-dairy alternatives to produce a fudge bar with enough body to unmold. It also works with non-dairy whipping cream alternatives by Rich and Haddar which, while lower in fat, still contain a good amount. It may work with other products that are not available to us for testing, but our experience with reduced-fat products to date is that they are higher in carbs, full of undesirable ingredients, and do not have enough body to unmold. However, less than 4g fat for an occasional delicious additive-free frozen chocolate fudge bar (less for other flavors) may well be within your fat budget.

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