How to Maintain your Low-Carb Diet

Have you been on the Atkins Diet or South Beach or a similar diet plan for some time? One of the challenges in low-carb dieting is planning meals that are appealing and healthy. Cooking your own foods is a long-term success strategy for sticking to a diet that works…

Cooking Low-Carb Recipes and Foods

Expert Foods’ products were designed with the low-carb dieter in mind – in fact, the company’s founder Barbara Pollack has been a low-carb dieter for the past decade, and knows all about the challenges a long-term dieter faces. If any of the following seems familiar to you, then Expert Foods can help.

“I’m tired of bars and shakes! I want a real meal!” – Expert Foods’ ThickenThin thickeners can be used to make gravies, and sauces, starchy-tasting vegetables and a lot more.

“I want to eat dessert, but I can’t stand any more maltitol!” – Expert Foods’ Wise Choice Dessert Mixes can be made with the sweetener and flavorings of you choice.

“I want a healthy, low-carb snack I can take to work to stop me craving that chocolate bar” – with our ingredients you can quickly make and bake your favorite foods that work for your Atkins or South Beach diet.

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